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  1. In his sleep he smiled and kissed his fingertips. He whispered, “If it looks good, eat it.”

  2. Like many Jewish grandmothers, my grandmother's measure of success for her granddaughters is babies. (For her grandsons, it’s a medical degree and babies.) This is nothing new. But for Grandma Eva, a great-grandbaby holds special significance. She reminds me of this fact often, in ways she thinks are subtle, discreet. That’s great that you got into graduate school/are moving to New York/landed a teaching gig, but what about boys? Work isn’t everything, you know. Her…

  3. "Tomorrow, if we go get rubber gloves – I'll pay for them – I can clean your stove. Not that it's not – you know what I mean!"

    "Are these Tupperware clean or dirty, sweetheart?"

    "[After seeing the contestant who custom-makes prosthetic limbs for people who have lost their limbs] What a nice thing to do. They say they can do it with those 3D printers now."

  4. Hello, friends and well-wishers! I am safely in Utah, after driving through a handful of hailstorms in the dark and in the cold. I even managed to return an automotive favor to the universe by giving a jump to a stranded family outside of Tooele. Imagine that! Me, giving someone help with a car. Now I am where I belong: in Nicole's guest bedroom, eating the tacos she makes for me and trying to…

  5. “Do people think it’s weird you’re not drinking?” a 27-year-old I had just met asked me at a recent Christmas party. “I mean, like, do you drink even a little bit? There has to be something in your cup.” (Ed. note -- Obligatory John Mulaney reference: "I know you don't drink.") The company party which I attended as a plus-one boasted an open bar, including some bootleg moonshine (it was in Florida). Most of the…