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Home: The Toast

matt jayaHello, friends and well-wishers! I am safely in Utah, after driving through a handful of hailstorms in the dark and in the cold. I even managed to return an automotive favor to the universe by giving a jump to a stranded family outside of Tooele. Imagine that! Me, giving someone help with a car. Now I am where I belong: in Nicole’s guest bedroom, eating the tacos she makes for me and trying to keep up with her horrifying workouts with Aurora.

Next week I am going away; I am taking an entire week off from bringing you regularly scheduled content in order to drive with my grandma to the Grand Canyon. (It is no train trip, but we are going to have a great time.) While I’m gone, Nicole will be joined by our own Jaya Saxena and Matt Lubchansky, two longstanding friends of the Toast and personal allies. Welcome warmly the pair which has brought you:

How can such skill be contained in a single affianced couple? Friends, I must confess I do not know. But they will be yours for the week, if you will have them.

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