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  1. "Did he lose it? Did he lose it? Right now?" Here is a video of a moose losing an antler. He shook his head, and off it came. (Do not watch it with the sound on. The jaunty music will fool you.)

  2. Previously: Next on Black Mirror. Coming Ashore In Caracas Surfing enthusiast Ken and graphic designer Miranda are looking for a house with beach views and American-style air conditioning for less than $800 a month. Miranda throws herself face-down on the kitchen floor of the second house after she realizes there is no garbage disposal installed under the sink. She refuses to move as a form of passive protest. Her common-law husband Ken looks nervously…

  3. Momma

    My grandmother, known in some circles as “Momma,” called from her cell phone at nine o’clock one Saturday night in late October, 2011. An eerie snow was falling. I was basking in the lazy glow of a House Hunters International marathon and screw-top Pinot Grigio, surfing Craigslist sublets in exotic cities far from our Connecticut farm. “How you doin’, kid?” she asked. “Pretty good,” I said. My parents were out of town. The dogs were…