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  1. Previously by Jesse Berney: The Other Avengers Are Pretty Busy Right Now No one knows better than I do how cruel society can be to those who choose not to conform to its mores. My wife and I have chosen to live our lives strictly as though it were the year 2012, and we face near constant mocking of our uncompromising lifestyle. The looks I get when people see me using my iPhone 5…

  2. Jesse Berney's previous work for The Toast can be found here. The Avengers is the best comic book movie of all time, and anyone who disagrees is a shill for the Batman-industrial complex. It introduced us to the greatest team of superheroes the big screen has ever seen, and then it sent them their separate ways. But they didn’t stop saving the world. In the three Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that have followed the…

  3. Jesse Berney's previous work for The Toast can be found here. Gotham Citizen #1: Did you see the news about that guy who dresses like a bat, wears sophisticated body armor, drives a military-grade vehicle, and beats up criminals? Gotham Citizen #2: I did! Did you see that magazine profile of Bruce Wayne? Gotham Citizen #1: You mean the young billionaire defense contractor who mysteriously disappeared for several years with no explanation? Gotham Citizen…

  4. Ethan – Did you see Bill Murray recently said the only reason he did that Garfield movie was that he thought I wrote it instead of some schlemiel named Joel Cohen? Not sure why he didn’t just pick up the phone. But it got me thinking -- why shouldn’t we do a Garfield pic? Gritty reboot. I sketched out a few scenes. Let's talk tomorrow. -Joel