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  1. Originally.

    KING ARTHUR: Sir Gawain you are the noblest knight in my court
    in the board room AND in the bedroom if you all catch me, drift-wise

  2. T.H. White was writing Gary Stus long before the term was coined, and he wasn't content with just one authorial insert. His most obvious projection in The Once and Future King, Merlyn, is also the most benign: an elderly tutor, fond of nature and hopeful of shaping young minds, an English professor in a wizard's cape. More interesting are the key male characters of The Once and Future King, Arthur himself and his most…

  3. Recently, while reorganizing my licensed fiction collection, I happened upon a certain Indiana Jones novel. Written by Martin Caidin, Indiana Jones and the White Witch is an interesting entry in the Indy canon; the novels by and large deal in conspiracy theories and world myths (Hollow Earth, unicorns, the location of Noah’s Ark) made plausible by application of Science and Manly Skepticism, but The White Witch features the very real religion of Wicca.