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  1. It's a little hard sometimes to define what it is that I love so much about Mel Brooks movies (Spaceballs being a notable exception and one that I am no longer willing to argue about with you people). At least part of it has to be because of his murderer's row of comediennes he featured in his films: Teri Garr, Tracy Ullman, Cloris Leachmann, Bernadette Peters, Bea Arthur, and of course The Kahn.

  2. Is there anything more winsome, more charming than Madeline Kahn doing her sly-soubrette routine in "You'd Be Surprised"?

  3. Eileen Brennan at her absolute blousiest, blousier than Bloomingdale's on a Tuesday, Tuesday being the day most retailers receive new shipments of inventory. Cybill Shepherd tearfully tap-dancing through her pain. And Madeline – the eternal Madeline – cocking her hips as she belts "JUST KICK HIM OUT OF THE HAY."

  4. I have hit upon it at last. The title is mellifluous, the subject queenly, the audience primed and ready. Madeline Kahn yesterday, today, and forever.