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  1. Originally.

    KING ARTHUR: Sir Gawain you are the noblest knight in my court
    in the board room AND in the bedroom if you all catch me, drift-wise

  2. you know what god loves above all things
    clean clothes
    how's that
    you know how like if a beggar came into your hall while you were eating dinner
    and if his leggings have holes in them or whatever
    you have him beaten and thrown out into the street
    I would?

  3. One of the best thing about medieval romances is the liberal interpretations of Holy Writ found therein. What did Jesus love? Battle and don't worry about it.

  4. I am firmly of the belief that great women have always existed and always will, and one of the clearest markers of the existence of strong women in the Middle Ages, in my opinion, is Geoffrey Chaucer's Criseyde (one of the protagonists in his epic poem "Troilus and Criseyde", most assuredly now in the public domain), the Trojan widow who broke a prince's heart and caused the fall of her city. This runs against the grain…

  5. As you may have realized by this point, one of my favorite pastimes is creating imaginary relationships between people who may or may not actually exist inside of my head. This is my right and privilege as an American, and it fills me with great joy from morning til night. Another hobby of mine is maintaining a vague but enthusiastic knowledge of European medieval legends. The Middle Ages were a wonderful…