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  1. In her new book, Sex with Shakespeare: Here's Much to Do with Pain, but More with Love, Jillian Keenan uses Shakespeare's plays as a vehicle to tell the story of how she came to understand her own sexuality.

  2. They don't have to be celebrity memoirs, and in fact more often than not I'd prefer they not be. The best trashy memoir is petty and willing to dish about everything – if they don't name names, they let you fill in the blanks easily enough – and tells you things you want to believe are true, even if they can't possibly be.

  3. 1. My Terrible Childhood Bracketed With Epigrams

    2. Everyone Was Murdered But Me (And It Was Awful)

    3. Finding Love At Buchenwald

    4. Oh, The Drugs I Did

  4. Previously: My prestigious literary novel. "This book is absolutely searing." "This book is like being baptized in lightning and in blood." "If you pick this book up, it will never put you down. You will never be the same."


    I am running, but I do not know what I am running from. The sound of my feet slapslapslapping against the pavement and my heart slapslapslapping against my ribs are my only friends. I…

  5. Joan Baez’s memoir, And A Voice To Sing With, is far more of a tell-all than most musicians’ memoirs. While Bob Dylan’s Chronicles is mostly about Woody Guthrie and antique shopping in the 1980s, And A Voice To Sing With tells you, if anything, too much about “The Queen of Folk’s” personal life: her teenage sexual fantasies about Marlon Brando; her complicated relationship with Bob Dylan; her sweet and short-lived romance with a woman,…