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  1. This actor is playing a very specific version of Mr. Darcy. He is not, especially, Austen’s Darcy, who is famously awkward and impolite. The Jane Austen Centre’s Darcy is the Darcy from really bad fanfiction.

  2. It’s time to face some hard truths.

    Let’s Be Real: We’re not Elizabeth. If we’re anybody in this saga, we’re dark-clad Mary, who thinks conversation is better than balls. You know what, Mary? Conversation IS a better way to get to know people and we get you, we totally get you.

  3. Previously in this series: Great House Therapy: Jane & Edward's Fire-Ravaged Gothic Ruin Name: Elizabeth, feisty heroine who nonetheless fully conforms to patriarchal expectations; Darcy, reformed grouch and scantily clad swimmer in lakes Location: Derbyshire, England Size: Bigger and better than all other houses in the county (ask anyone) Years lived in: Since Darcy was the sweetest-tempered, most generous-hearted boy in the world; owned One year ago, after…


    To my bosom companion,

    The date approaches when I enter into the matrimonial state. Soon I am to be united in perpetuity with a widower who possesses both a middling income and modest grounds. Time, it would seem, is our greatest benefactor; a mere few years ago, when I thought the title “Mistress of Pemberley” within my grasp, I might have scoffed at such

  5. I'm going to do something I try very hard to never do, and I think it's best if we just get the comparison out of the way so that we can move on. I have a friend who looks exactly--I mean exactly--like Maya Rudolph, which means that roughly four times a day someone she's just met gets the same vague, dreamy look on their face, leans in like they have a secret, and tells her, "Did…

  6. Cut from the Classics brings your favorite novels to life as never before. Each week we present a profile of a character who originally appeared in the first draft of a major work of fiction, but was subsequently cut from the final draft. This insight into each author’s process brings a fuller, richer sense of their body of work. Book: Pride and Prejudice Author: Jane Austen Publication Date: 1813 Character: Sarah Pebbletush Pride and Prejudice…