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  1. Death Becomes Her
    Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn as resentful exes playing an increasingly dangerous game of lesbian one-upmanship. One-updykeship. I don't know, puns aren't my strong suit. All of Bruce Willis' scenes are replaced with that shot of Isabella Rossellini wearing a necklace for a shirt and purring "You're scared."

  2. 1. Issa Rae in Ever After. Dougray Scott is already perfect in his role -- and you know what, so is Anjelica Huston, so it would have to be just some sort of stop-motion capture situation where Issa Rae has to green-screen herself over Drew Barrymore and insert herself into the 1998 version. Not that Drew Barrymore wasn't perfect for that role, obviously, I just think that Issa Rae would look amazing in that butterfly-wing…