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  1. You know how "the customer is always right"? That phrase takes on a whole new meaning when you get inappropriate questions about your racial and ethnic background in your place of employment.

  2. 1. Why can't I find your menu online? 2. Do you have WiFi, and do you kick people out if they've been sitting at a table using your WiFi and making a show of drinking cold coffee for, say, a couple of hours, and all their food is long gone? 3. When exactly did you open? Because I must tell you, I only heard about your establishment a few days ago, and I am the…

  3. This piece was sponsored for Gwen from Andy, who wishes you many belated birthdays. He'll do better going forward. The Secret Olive Garden You start with a cholera epidemic and end with something truly magical. Watercress Down Carnivores frequently dismiss salad as rabbit food. In this restaurant, it really is. Griddle Women Comfort food from New England accompanied by the surprisingly tasty delicacy of pickled limes. Don’t be alarmed by the scent of burning hair emanating…