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  1. Hannibal is a television series based upon the popular novels of Thomas Harris. Each episode lasts for under an hour, with the shortest lasting 41 minutes, and the longest 44. There were 3 seasons comprising 39 total episodes, many named after a food item or meal component (usually, but not exclusively, containing meat.)

  2. Previous installments of our meat processing professional's body of work: Snowpiercer and The Road. The television series Torchwood was produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation, with creator Mr. Russell T Davies. Episodes vary in both length and subject matter, but all are filmed in full colour. Everything Changes Sadly, the first episode of the series offers almost nothing of interest to the meat processing professional. A proposed life-restoring glove would certainly make waves…

  3. Karl Ove Knausgaard is a Norwegian writer who recently traveled the United States and chronicled his experiences for The New York Times Magazine in a series called “My Saga.” Collected here are excerpts redacted from the final series to make word count and, as one editor proposed, avoid “excessive existentialism.”

    The Grand Canyon

    “Photographs and description failed to prepare me for the canyon’s unimpeachable vastness. In

  4. The first time I saw Love & Basketball, I was convinced that tallest-girl-in-school-but-still-not-an-athlete me could be the female Magic Johnson. To this day the friend who first taught me to play marvels at how I could have possibly thought to shoot the ball and then jump. But Love & Basketball taught me to believe in my own ability, questionable court skills be damned. I saw myself in the precocious, ambitious Monica. She was committed to…

  5. For a long time, getting a film to appear on the big screen was a physically demanding task that involved setting up heavy reels in an intricate system of pulleys and slots. In recent years, more and more cinemas made the jump to a future of digital everything. This allowed people who lacked extensive know-how and/or male genitalia, like myself, to work as movie projector operators. While projectionists still have to perform some traditional tasks…

  6. If you came seeking ornithological knowledge about the titular bird, you may click here. I came by my copy of The Goldfinch dishonestly. I helped a friend carry some boxes at the bookstore she works at, and, in return, she said I could help myself to any galley copy left on the staff bookshelf. I recognized Donna Tartt's name and thought, why does that sound familiar?, and took it home. Later I heard one…