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  1. A few Minutes after Seven this Morning, her Majesty was most happily brought to Bed of a Prince, to the great Joy of every Lover of Great Britain.

    Thursday the servant maid of an eminent tradesman in Maiden-lane, Covent-garden, was committed to New Prison, Clerkenwell, for robbing her master of cash to a considerable value.

    To be SOLD,

    At the sign of the Turk’s Head, opposite

  2. Bewildered-looking baby,
    I have wished you something
    None of the hangers-on would:
    Not the usual stuff
    About being majestic,
    Or running off a spring
    Of dignity and poise -
    The Queen and Philip wish you that,
    And should it prove possible,
    Well, you're a dutiful boy.

  3. Soon, perhaps within a matter of hours, the Duchess of Cambridge will give birth to the newest heir to the British throne. News of Kate Middleton's pregnancy has captured the public’s attention ever since she was hospitalized with acute morning sickness back in December. The royal baby buzz has been building steadily throughout the week outside of Kate's maternity wing at St. Mary's Hospital. Every single one of Kate's actions during her pregnancy have been…