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  1. "I am the noblest lady of this court, second only to the Queen. Yet I am the saddest of mortals in France."

  2. The tambourine is a percussive instrument with a wooden casing, animal-skin drumhead, and a number of small metal zils. Within its circular frame, it contains an ocean of suffering. No one who has ever held a tambourine has known joy. It is known colloquially among its players as "The Pain Hoop." It is a well-known saying among the mothers of France that it is "better to watch your child die than let her hold a…

  3. The modern male singer-songwriter has a type. She is thin. She wears a great deal of eye makeup. She is pale. She does not smile, and often walks in the rain. Most importantly, she is very, very sad. Too sad to write songs; this must be done for her, so as not to distract her from her deep and profound sadness. Often she is too sad to even have a name, so great is her…