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  1. Jessie Guy-Ryan's previous work for The Toast can be found here. It was snowing. They told him when he took the gig--taking care of the resort during the winter season--that it'd be a lot of snow. A hell of a lot of snow. "I don't mind," he chuckled, "Don't gotta mow the lawn at least!" Shoveling the front walk was a bitch, though. At least it just had to be cleared for him and…

  2. Previously on Scare Yourself Silly: Boothworld Industries.  Let’s play a little game. You’ve probably played it before; it’s called “Two Truths and a Lie.” Can you guess which of these three news stories are true and which is false?


    1. A group of university students were shocked to find that a stranger had taken up residence in the basement of their off-campus home without their knowledge.

  3. Fear -- real fear -- is generally caused by something subtler than blood and guts and a maniac with a knife. Is it a shape seen out of the corner of your eye? A shadow you could swear wasn’t there a moment ago? Is it something that sounds so peculiar that it couldn’t possibly be true? What if it is? Because we don't just need fear in order to avoid pain, or as a part…

  4. "The Summer People," Shirley Jackson Available (quite cheaply) at Dramatic Publishing and Amazon. My introduction to Shirley Jackson was the Platonic ideal of the first-time Jackson experience: at the age of sixteen, in the late afternoon, browsing idly through a used bookstore. I found a copy of We Have Always Lived In The Castle and have never quite slept soundly since.