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  1. I can get a little giddy reflecting on all the times I have taken the opportunity
    To explain things with history.
    But today I must soberly discuss how unfortunate
    It is that Trump’s popularity brings to the fore just how many men present
    Their misogyny in a way reflects how grossly uneducated
    They are.

  2. Sarah Miller's previous work for The Toast, including other sestinas by David Brooks, can be found here. Before I talk about you, Ta-Nehisi Coates, I want to say how interesting it is to be white, and what a kick I get out of receiving actual cash money to reflect upon the lives of people. And, although I enjoy my written meditations on all Americans, there’s something extra special about the African-American experience. Your whole…

  3. David Brooks' previous sestina about the road to character can be found here. I think we will all agree that bad relationships cause poverty. Also, not acting like someone in the Jane Jacobs book, and not having a “code.” It is certainly not caused by rich people owning almost every single thing including money that others might potentially need.