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  1. Later ones included Exitstageleft99 and Exitstageleft200 (I don't have a lot of ideas, but when I have them, I stick with 'em).

  2. I'm off to a monastery for a few days because MY HEART IS A DESERT and I need to go sit by the sea and be quiet near some trees, but I want you to all talk about the most dirtbag summers of your lives.

  3. English teachers get all the glory. Ask a representative sample of people what teacher they remember the most fondly from their school days, who encouraged them to pursue a particular dream or a career, and I'm willing to bet a disproportionate amount name an old English teacher. And it is true that the majority of them are wonderful! (My seventh-grade literature teacher was a Buffetthead who read The Hobbit aloud to us and told us stories…

  4. Tell us about your hopes and dreams for 2014, or how you're planning on watching Sherlock before the Powers That Be want you to.

  5. Have at it, ladies!

  6. Well, we made it through our "first" day, and discovered a lot about our own limitations, both technical and spiritual. We thought we'd give you a chance to tell us about what sort of things you hope to read about on The Toast, or, you know, just what kind of week you're having.

    Ours has been BUSY.