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  1. Rebecca is a book about a young woman who is too frightened to ask her husband a question or even have a first name. She spends the entire novel very nearly having tea, then thinking better of it.

    Only the first Mrs. de Winter deserved to have tea.

  2. What is it about tea that is so wonderful, so calming? It is a delightful elixir, sweetly fragrant, older than coffee and more subtle. It’s not especially difficult to make a good cup of tea. So why is it almost impossible to get one here?

  3. 1. For a really superior cup of tea, you can slice open a teabag (I find that scissors work best) and pour the contents directly into your mug. This is called "loose leaf" tea, and it's a pretty neat trick when you want to show off in front of guests. 2. Always pour the milk in first. If you're drinking Earl Grey, the ratio should be at least two parts milk to one part tea.

  4. I am a person who, like Bilbo Baggins, prefers comfort and regular meals to sleeping outdoors and having adventures. It is my belief that The Hobbit, while excellent, would have been vastly improved had the bit with the dwarves been edited out and Tolkien had stuck to 200 pages of Bilbo making cozy-ass meals and going to bed early.

    Presented without further comment:

    The Hobbit, Improved or There and Snack Again

    Chapter One: No…