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  2. Anna Pulley's previous haiku for The Toast can be found here.


    Tegan and Sara’s

    jawlines once saved a kitten

    from a burning house.


    Tegan and Sara’s

    jawlines proved Pythagoras’

    theorem factual.


    Their faces inspired

    the movie Jaws five years

    before they were born.


    A rock brushed against

    Tegan’s jawline and was turned

  3. HAVE YOU SEEN the thing in "Dear Prudie" about the mom wanting her son's girlfriend to wear a bra? Oh, of course you have. Everyone reads "Dear Prudie." What's that perfect Kids in the Hall thing about Doors fans? Right now there's an old lady on the subway, sucking on a humbug. She's a "Dear Prudie" fan, but she's never read the WORDS. Slate is already mostly doing this, but any consultant could look…