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  1. I’m going to talk about pee. Your dirty, drug-laden pee, specifically.

  2. This is Alison Stine's first piece for The Butter. Her previous work for The Toast can be found here.   A few years ago my friend Matt Miller started making alcohol. Miller is from Bellville, Ohio, a small farming community bordered by the green hills of Amish country. Miller’s parents own a farm. He grew up amid the fields and barns. Once a friend and I called him and he was knee-deep in raspberries.

  3. Stephanie Lai last wrote for The Toast about the pitfalls of voluntourism. The majority of Australia has just suffered through an unprecedented heatwave; at the same time, North America experienced a Polar Vortex. These extreme weather events are no coincidence: I'm here to explain to you Our Oncoming Dystopic Future!

    This is not an argument about whether climate change exists, or been caused by humans. This is an explanation of…

  4. It’s four-thirty am, and everything is dark and quiet in the Sunshine State. The people here won’t wake until the rays hit their faces, reminding them to play their morning round of golf. I jot down Google Maps’ perilous journey in my Rite-in-the-Rain field notebook, and set off. My road companions are 18-wheelers shipping cargo, giants next to my small white rental sedan. In the darkness, their headlights are my only reassurance that I’m not…