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  1. Look, when you click on an article titled "What It's Like To Date Your Dad," you know what you're getting yourself into. Of course, the second you see a headline like "What It's Like To Date Your Dad," clicking is no longer optional. It's rather like the Babadook, in that sense. It's distressing! (But you already knew that.) There are a great many questions that are brought up but barely addressed within the interview!…

  2. The History of the Royal Houses of Europe, 850-PresentA thousand years ago -- so the legend goes -- God offered the Hapsburgs a choice: "You can have Europe," he told them, "or you can have chins. But you cannot have both." They made their decision, and they were happy with it. When the time came to design their coat of arms, no one could accuse the Hohenzollerns of not knowing their own minds.

  3. The University of Texas (UT) at Austin’s School of Nursing removed “poorly worded” dress code signs Wednesday that discouraged students from wearing “revealing” and “distracting” clothing. Following backlash on social media, especially from prominent feminist groups, UT officials removed four signs, all posted in elevators on campus on Tuesday. The signs prohibited midriff-baring shirts, short shorts, short skirts, low-rise pants and low-cut shirts that reveal cleavage.


    A Canadian high school in…