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  1. Good morning, your death is surely nigh. DID YOU READ THE NEW YORKER THIS MORNING? NO? Keep in mind that The New Yorker actually does fact-checking, unlike, say, Harpers, which ran the 15 page AIDS denialist thing by Celia Farber! The New Yorker wants to save your LIFE. Let The New Yorker save your life! GET THE EVERLOVING FUCK OUT OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST WHILE YOU STILL CAN. At this point, some of you are…

  2. Today is the last day before the paywall goes up at The New Yorker, which I read and adore, so I encourage you to subscribe, but either way, you must immediately read this brilliant thing by Paige Williams on Alabama's use of a judicial override to sentence an eighteen-year-old to death OVER THE WISHES OF THE JURY: Most states with the death penalty require a unanimous vote of twelve in order to impose capital…

  3. With The New Yorker recently opening their exhaustive archives for the summer, I thought it pertinent to create a list of my favourite The New Yorker pieces from The New Yorker the better to aid your enjoyment of The New Yorker

    ALL FALL DOWN by Susan Orlean Inside the dark, drug-fuelled world of Competitive Jenga.

    FROG-MATE by Malcolm Gladwell What tadpoles can teach us about chess.


  4. I have gone back and forth several times over the last few days on whether or not it would be worth addressing Adam Plunkett's New review of poet Patricia Lockwood's latest book here. I don't write much on topical issues to begin with, there have been plenty of more noteworthy stories about women's issues in the public eye over the last week or so, and it's not exactly hurting her career any. Also,…