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  1. You are constantly underestimated in comparison to Eliot and Pound, probably because everyone thinks you departed from nineteenth-century techniques insufficiently, or because you forgot to fling a lot of untranslated Italian and unnecessary canto divisions into your work.

  2. GENERAL: Conan! What is best in life?
    CONAN: Never getting yelled at, even once! Never getting yelled at, even if it means never speaking to someone again, or stifling your own feelings, as long as it means that getting yelled at literally never happens.
    GENERAL: That is good! That is good.

  3. What is art? Lascaux, Upper Paleolithic. "It's a picture of whatever animal you've most recently eaten. Draw it with your hands, put it on a rock. Art. Make it red. Art has to be red."

    England, 1100. "As many people as you can paint on one thing, who are roughly the size of castles."

    Constantinople, 1230. "Sad Jesus."…