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Oh, I am the wrong person to be talking to all of you about this, but here we are. Tomorrow is yet another themed day for us here at The Toast, for we live in exciting and themed times. The theme will be sports. [pauses for response]

We will have writing about football and cheerleading and golf and baseball from some tremendously lovely writers. There are more sports than that, one supposes, but we have only one day and can’t do everything.

We all do need to get outdoors more often; this site is going to turn into a rest home for the bookish and reserved if we are not careful.

Please feel profoundly free to send us your favorite sports-based poetry and memoirs and drawings. Have you ever played a sport? Be specific.

Perhaps you love sports, and cannot get enough of them. Perhaps you like them just fine but can get enough quite easily. Perhaps, like me, you prefer sitting quietly to watching women fling javelins about and leap over walls, or whatever else sports entail. This is fine. We all have our crosses to bear. Friday will come soon enough, and with it the end of Sports Day.

We will have a manga day, perhaps, at some point in the future to offset things.

In the meantime, please enjoy this Tumblr of Just Dude Things.

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