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  1. "Mallory Ortberg, cofounder of the Toast, sold a currently untitled short story collection to Henry Holt."

  2. That is not a MELLIFLUOUS headline, but I wanted to make sure I hit the main bullet points of 1. I am Dear Prudence now, over at Slate, and also 2. I am not leaving the Toast in even the slightest bit, I am doing both things.

  3. If you are in Great Britain and have felt STYMIED by the US-centricity of Texts From Jane Eyre, rage no more! You can buy the UK edition today, online or in your nearest bookshop.

  4. You cannot possibly understand how bad I am at keeping news to myself, nor what a toll keeping this particular news took on my frail and mortal frame, but please share in my joy: Roxane Gay is coming to The Toast, where she will be running our very first vertical, The Butter. She's officially starting on October 15th, and there will be plenty more details to come, but in the meantime please join me in dancing excitedly…

  5. Oh, I am the wrong person to be talking to all of you about this, but here we are. Tomorrow is yet another themed day for us here at The Toast, for we live in exciting and themed times. The theme will be sports. [pauses for response] We will have writing about football and cheerleading and golf and baseball from some tremendously lovely writers. There are more sports than that, one supposes, but we have…