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  2. The Toast's previous coverage of Benedict Cumberbatch, including Nicole's highly erotic fan fiction, can be found here.

    "Tear In Your Hand," Tori Amos

    "Send In the Clowns," Judy Collins

    "A Man / Me / Then Jim," Rilo Kiley

    "You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man," Loretta Lynn

  3. im sherlock holmes lets solve crimes but definitely not have feelings oh im learning what friendship is and also solving crime at the same time what a surprising turn of events

    i prefer scarves to people, make a GIF of me

    i don't have time for social niceties OR the authority of the Pope

    john shave off your mustache while you are

  4. This post was originally published on September 2, 2013. Year: 2013 Place: London Smaller place: The English Tea Room at Brown's Smallest place: A table for three, with the couple seated next to each other, sweetly, and the reporter across. REPORTER: What changes these last few years have wrought! BENEDICT: I can hardly believe it. NICOLE: Nor I. REPORTER: How did this all come about? How did such a young Canadian woman manage to become…

  5. For previous adventures in the Cliffebatch universe, see here. For a more complete accounting of The Toast's Benedict Cumberbatch coverage, go here instead. Year: 2016 Place: London Smaller Place: A lonely crofter's cottage REPORTER: Well, first of all, congratulations on your universally-applauded performance in Hamlet. BENEDICT (quietly): Thank you. REPORTER: Critics and audiences alike commented on the unprecedented melancholy you brought to the role; night after night, you seemed to draw upon stores of human…

  6. There will be a Toast meetup in London in the fall of 2015, as I will be seeing Benedict Cumberbatch's Hamlet. I mean, he doesn't strike me as the sort to have a cutesy name for it? You can never tell, though. Also, the play. There is no force short of death that shall keep me from my aim. It is to be my long-delayed honeymoon. Would you like to have a toddler for…

  7. Sunday In The Park With George This play began with some promise. I liked the part about the genius doing brilliant work based on scientific principles that nobody around him has the capacity to understand. But then everybody started bothering him about his emotions and singing about loving him all the time and I lost interest. Cats I was once beaten with a lead pipe in a Turkish prison. If given the choice between returning…

  8. Great, free-ranging conversation with Mikki Kendall at In These Times:

    What about politicians who go on “SNAP challenges,” trying to live on food stamps to show the dangers of cutting supplementary benefits?

    It’s complete and total bullshit. You’re on SNAP benefits for a week, but you’re not moving out of your house, you’re not giving up the spices that are in your cabinet, you’re not having to worry about

  9. Positions #6-4 were a doddle. And became necessary to enter my mind palace.

    Obviously, there are going to be spoilers.

  10. The Toast's [Nicole's] ongoing Benedict Cumberbatch coverage can be found here.

    Bandicoot Cabbagepatch, Bandersnatch Cumberbund, and even Wimbledon Tennismatch: there seem to be endless variations on the name of Benedict Cumberbatch. In fact, even street signs have gotten into the action:

    (image via)

    But how is a normal internet citizen supposed to know, when they hear someone say “I just can’t stop looking at gifs of Bombadil Rivendell”

  11. ...mostly based on a week of happily reading The Globe and Mail, Macleans, and watching the ads on CBC. 1. Criticizing a truly stupid and unconstitutional attempt by Quebec to ban government workers from wearing religious symbols (tiny crucifixes? oui! hijab? non). 2. Serving raw pork in fancy restaurants. 3.

  12. In the BBC’s recent adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes saga, Sherlock, Irene Adler deliciously croons “brainy is the new sexy.” She is referring, of course, to the show’s titular character, magnificently brought to life by Benedict Cumberbatch. His Sherlock is tall, dark, and handsome—brilliant and sneeringly superior, yet totally irresistible. Cumberbatch’s turn as Sherlock and his entire body of work are critically acclaimed and voraciously loved because he has tapped into a vein of the…

  13. This is what it sounds like.

  14. This is not a real day. It is Labor Day (hi, laborers!) and it is my thirty-first birthday (hi, me!) and in lieu of just completely ignoring you until tomorrow, Mallory agreed to let me devote a day to running random things about Benedict Cumberbatch.

    She also wants me to be very clear that she has nothing to do with this and is only indulging me.

  15. It's been quite a week for British television. Peter Capaldi has just been announced as the next Doctor on Doctor Who, which is a British show that is broadcast exclusively on Tumblr: The 55-year-old Glasgow-born star will be the 12th actor to play the Doctor, replacing outgoing lead Matt Smith. Capaldi is best known for his role as foul-mouthed spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker in the BBC series The Thick of It. "It's so wonderful not to…