Official Toast Stances: Volume Three -The Toast

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If you do not like the things we approve of, we suggest you revisit your stance. You are still allowed to like and/or engage in the things we dis-approve of, you are just wrong. Previous installments can be found here. – Eds.

The Toast Approves of the Following Things:

1. Key & Peele
2. Thanksgiving starches, esp. stuffing
3. Books about fictional characters, a la Havisham or Grendel
4. Cheeseburgers
5. The episode of Archer where Archer discovers Pam is the best sex he’s ever had

The Toast Disapproves of the Following Things:

1. Roller coasters
2. Composting, unless you have a garden and never keep a slimy, rotting sack of produce ends inside your kitchen for longer than five minutes
3. Joel Stein
4. The Odd Couple II (not to be confused with The New Odd Couple)
5. Carnations

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