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We emailed with the great Claire Zulkey, of fame, and emoted a lot about our jobs and who that Nick dude is and our sustaining love for being goofs together. Enjoy!

How do you two describe The Toast to people who’ve never heard of it? What are some pieces you’d each consider to be representative of the Toast?

Mallory Ortberg: Oh God, this was maybe my least favorite part of coming up with a website. I’m so grateful we got our (tiny amount of) funding from within our company, because if I had had to go around trying to explain what we wanted to do to a bunch of strangers, I would not have this job right now. “Just read it, it’s going to be great” was my general go-to.  If I’m trying to explain what I do to someone in real life, and I need to gauge their Internet Subculture Awareness, I’ll try to say something like “editorial” and “general interest” before asking if they’ve heard of Gawker. If they haven’t, I give up and don’t explain anything. If they have, I name a handful of other websites that get progressively closer to what we do until they haven’t heard of one and I say “Well, it’s kind of like that,” and then I ask them what they do.


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