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  1. I’ve known Kate since high school, where we were friendly and I also silently worshipped her from afar. Kate, now an attorney, is still lovely and funny and smart and she appears to have passed her good genes onto her daughter, whom she calls Poppy. Of course, many children are cute, beautiful, charming, and so on, but in this case, Poppy is professionally so. At not even two years old, she is a full-on baby…

  2. We emailed with the great Claire Zulkey, of fame, and emoted a lot about our jobs and who that Nick dude is and our sustaining love for being goofs together.

  3. 1. Disbelief: Wait, what did I write that these people are mocking me for? Did I actually say that? Was I possibly edited in a weird way? Or am I actually an idiot? 2. Bargaining: Was there a way that I could have written that thing I wrote that would have made me immune to ridicule? Why didn’t I think to write it that way? Maybe I can contact my editor and ask to have…