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“That’s why now, of all times, is so ripe for a Columbo Renaissance, because it’s a wonderful example of the working man going after rich sons of bitches and making them pay for their crimes.”

The stout-hearted fellows at “Just One More Thing,” A COLUMBO-THEMED PODCAST (were lovelier words ever written) invited me to join them in discussing “Étude in Black,” an early Columbo episode starring John Cassavettes, and I could not help but oblige.

Highlights include:

  • the fact that Myrna Loy does not age and should have gotten to be the murderer in her own episode
  • the magical absence of rush-hour traffic near the Hollywood Bowl
  • the Truman Capote short story trapped in the middle of the episode
  • how much John Cassavettes looked like Anthony Bourdain

You may listen to it here. You may discuss the perfection that is Columbo for the rest of the day here, in the comments section.

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