Songs From A Tom Waits Album Where No One Gets Drunk At A Diner -The Toast

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This Ice Cream Truck Driver Sells Only Ice Cream, Not A Sense Of Specifically American Melancholy

Everyone In Line For This Pay Phone Is Calling To Deliver Good News

A Highway Is A Way To Travel From City To City, Not A Way To Understand Myself

This Turbulent Weather Bears No Reflection On My Emotional State

I Couldn’t Possibly Guess My Waitress’ Feelings About The American Dream And Won’t Ask Her

There’s No Smoking Allowed Inside This Woolworth’s

Replaced My Beat-Up Chevy With A Leased Honda

Women Don’t Look Anything Like Cadillacs Or Razors

Everyone At The Circus Is Forming Orderly Lines And No One Is Screaming Nightmares At Me

Never Run With A Knife

I Didn’t Ask The Bartender If She’d Seen Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” Because She Seemed Busy

It’s Closing Time, So Let’s Leave This Pizzeria

I Don’t Have Time To Play Cards Right Now, Boys

The East River, Not The Styx, Is What Separates Manhattan From Brooklyn

The Truck Driver Who Never Killed Anyone

I Tucked My Shirt In Before Talking To The Manager

Song For My Accountant

I Never Met A Man Who Doesn’t Need A Hug

The Wurlitzer Works Just Fine And So Do I

This Bar Isn’t A Prison

This Town Is On An Economic Upswing And I Think I’ll Stay Here Instead Of Just Passing Through

Everyone Riding This Ferry Has Bought A Ticket

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