Erotica Written By An Alien Pretending Not To Be Horrified By The Human Body -The Toast

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pen-480220_1280Parts one and two.

“The latter inserted fluid into the former; some of which was absorbed into the softer tissues and membranes, the remainder left to seep back into the open air.”

“One of them allowed a set of fingers, nails and all, to enter its most vulnerable hollow.”

“The integrity of both cavities was breached.”

“The larger of the two thoroughly excavated the other.”

“One generated, and the other absorbed, friction.”

“The partner perched on top began to claim it was performing certain acts that were physically impossible. The other, far from contradicting the first, appeared to consent to, and even encourage, the fiction.”

“The two became suddenly and inexplicably ungentle with one another’s frail and mortal bodies.”

“Externalities became, briefly, internalities, and vice versa.”

“She commenced biting, unaccompanied by chewing.”

“Both of them in turn pantomimed the act of nursing without drawing forth any actual fluid.”

“Together, they generated new smells, then put their clothes back on and rejoined society.”

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