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  • Uuuugggh
  • They’re just taking a bunch of words and making it into this whole thing 
  • Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m doing, so that’s me, right there, so it goes even beyond what we can associate it with
  • It can be a combination of things
  • How very dare you
  • It’s just outrageous
  • It’s putting me in this situation
  • I just block them
  • I’m not going to do what you expect
  • It’s ridiculous, honestly
  • Labels
  • “Oh you should be like this,” but I’m not even any kind of way
  • I mean??
  • The MOST
  • Sure, okay, that’s a thing, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing, I feel like
  • The worst
  • Why, though
  • Are we even going to need this in my lifetime because I feel like it’s changing already
  • I’m not clicking on that
  • I don’t think it makes sense, I feel like they just don’t know what they’re really saying
  • I’m just trying to be as I am and you’re the one saying it has to even be something
  • I don’t have ANY money but I don’t think it’s my fault
  • Don’t put that on me
  • The pressure!!!
  • I’m just going to own it, okay
  • Mmm it’s fine but it’s not right
  • Why should I have to be the one who changes
  • FINE
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