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: sweet hells does my head ache
ATHENA [bursts out of his skull in full armor]: surprise, fucko
ZEUS: what the hell
ATHENA: i didn’t feel like being born regular so here i am
parent me
ZEUS: what the HELL
ATHENA: you got something on your forehead champ
ZEUS: Iā€“
get it


CLIO: wow Arachne you’re like REALLY good at weaving
ARACHNE: ahaha thank you!!
CLIO: no I’m serious
you’re amazing
I guess you could say I weave like Athena herself
ATHENA [appearing suddenly in the fireplace]: the fuck did you just say


ATHENA: lets have a little contest
humans versus gods
whoever weaves the best tapestry wins
and just to make sure everything is fair
i’ll be the judge
ARACHNE: that doesn’t seem ā€“
ATHENA: i’m literally the god of fairness
i’ll definitely be fair
contest starts now


ATHENA: wow thats like, REALLY good
ARACHNE: …thank you
ATHENA: except for what’s with that weird dark spot in the middle?
ARACHNE: what weird dark spot?
ATHENA [stubs out cigarette in the middle of Arachne’s tapestry]: that one


ARACHNE: all right
i’m done
what’s your verdict
ATHENA: i mean
it’s good
i mean, it’s fine
i just don’t really get why you felt like you had to turn yourself into a spider for it?
ARACHNE: what?
ATHENA [turns her into a spider]: do you see what i mean
it was a weird choice

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