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If you are in Great Britain and have felt STYMIED by the US-centricity of Texts From Jane Eyre, rage no more! You can buy the UK edition today, online or in your nearest bookshop. (There’s nothing else going on today, right?)

I feel so joyful and excited about this! I hoped, when I wrote this goofy book of jokes, that it would be a meaningful delight to the people who read it, and not an embarrassing flash in the pan, and it feels so rewarding, that some English editors have bunged a set of unnecessary u’s into all of my precious jokes and packaged them for a Great British audience. It makes me proud of myself and grateful to the world! And that is a nice way to feel. Now I will carry on with the rest of my life, and feel a variety of other feelings, and someday die, and stop feeling anything ever again. But, you know, until then, excelsior and huzzah!

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