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Every line of this is horrifyingly cringe-inducing, but this – this, beloveds – if you are ever considering putting on a blonde wig and flying to your ex-fiancé’s house, please call me first, and I will take you out for…for literally anything. Anything else.

“In July 2015, Alexander commemorated what should have been her wedding day by flying to Barcelona, where, along with two close friends, she went in search of Macchiarini’s residence—and answers. In all her travels with Macchiarini, she had never been to his Barcelona home. “There was a lot of nervous energy in the car,” Leigh McKenzie, an Australian friend, explained. “We tried to keep it buoyant and convert that nervous energy into humor. But finally the nerves crept in and so we stopped at a supermarket and drank some cheap wine. And none of us drink in the morning.” With Alexander wearing a blond wig as a disguise, they set out in search of the house where she had thought she would be starting a new life.”

Never trust charming men with salt-and-pepper hair and a smooth answer for everything. 

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