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Aries: It isn’t easy to be gentle when the world requires so much toughness from you, so much heavy armor, so many hard glinting surfaces and finely-tuned defenses. Still, it’s worth trying. It’s worth nurturing the quiet love that lives in your bones. It’s worth the hard work of building a life that honors your sweetness. This shouldn’t feel as hard as it sometimes does. The world is a strange hard place, but this won’t stop you. You deserve warm afternoons with the windows open. You deserve a house full of light.

Taurus: Living in this world can take so many different shapes; it can ask so much of you. Think of the plants that need sun and the ones that need shade and the ones that can survive on nearly nothing. Think of the bright green that store water inside their own selves. Like them, you don’t need to explain how you came to be the way that you are. Like them, you don’t need to know why you need what you need. It’s enough just to be alive. It’s enough just to grow toward the light.

Gemini: Sometimes, you’re more than the world wants you to be. Sometimes, you need more from the world than it wants to give. And maybe you’ve tried containing yourself, maybe you’ve tried shrinking your desires down to nothing, but this isn’t how it works. You are who you are and you need what you need. You can stretch out your limbs and you can stretch out your voice. This isn’t the only way you’ve ever lived, and it isn’t the only way you ever will. Your mind is vast and strange, and it’s okay to change it, again and again.

Cancer: It can be hard sometimes to remember, in this noisy world, how solid and real your own thoughts can be. You know your own life, you know your skin and hands and face, you know what it feels like to live in your own body. Give yourself some credit: what you feel to be love is love. What you know to be pain is pain. You don’t have to prove the contents of your own heart. This is a knowledge that is heavy, and it’s real, and it’s yours.

Leo: Think how wonderful it is to live this one life you’re living, to stake a claim to your own space in the world. Think how lucky we are: life is vast, on a scale we cannot imagine, but it isn’t infinite. These summer days might stretch out as far as you can see, but you don’t have to do everything there is to do in this world. You don’t have to be everything to everyone; you don’t even have to be everything to yourself. You can only live your own life, strange and specific and sweet.

Virgo: Even in the sweetest blue nights, even on the brightest green days, old sorrows still live somewhere in you. Sometimes, even when the sky is warm and clear, you might find that old anger is not yet done with you. There are memories that live a long time in a human body. There are feelings that we digest slowly and strangely, and ones that we hold in our hair and our skin. This is okay. You can honor these feelings, and you can keep living. You’ve gotten so strong.

Libra: This month, try to pay attention to the desires that overwhelm you, the ones that keep you up at night, the ones that feel electric on your skin. There are dreams that won’t let go of you, and these are the ones with the power to move you, the power to move oceans. Wanting so deeply and so much isn’t easy, but it’s strong and it’s strange and it’s yours. Your desires aren’t the only answer, but they can light up the whole sky. They can lead you to the questions you need the most.

Scorpio: This month, your life might feel like it’s moving outside of your control, maybe more than usual, maybe more than you think you can bear. This isn’t a bad thing, though it can feel that way if you aren’t prepared. At its best, the world can surprise you. At your best, you can surprise yourself. There are months for setting your own course and months for moving with the tides. There are months that give you what you ask for, and months that give more even than that.

Sagittarius: Even in the middle of every long tough day, even in the middle of a city made of stone, don’t forget your beating heart full of love, your bright and tender core. Think: what will you do with so much love? What will you ask for in return? The world is full of things you never thought you’d find, things you never dreamed might be yours. You live in a world full of gentleness and full of ferocity, and it has so much to show you. It can make you brave. It can make you kind.

Capricorn: When the world outside becomes overwhelming, when the narrative threads of your life become tangled and strange to you, try not to be afraid. You don’t need to know the meaning of the world to walk outside and feel the sun on your skin. You don’t need to see into the future. Your home is full of solid things that you can touch, cotton and plaster, water and wood. Your days are full of moments, one after the other, like beads on a string, and these can be enough.

Aquarius: It can feel like it shouldn’t be possible to keep living after being treated so wrong, after knowing such sorrow, but it is, and you are here. The trees glow green and the stars shine gold, and the things you’ve been through might make your future different, but never smaller. How could they? Even if you don’t yet feel it, you’re wiser now than you’ve ever been before. Your thoughts keep moving and the planet keeps moving and your dreams hum with energy, bright and alive.

Pisces: There are questions whose answers need work and time, and there are questions whose answers just appear, sudden and sweet. There are questions whose answers are in front of you already, you just can’t see them quite yet. Knowledge comes in so many different forms, and the important thing is to keep moving with your eyes open. The important thing is to honor your strange brave quest for truth. The point is that the world is full, and so is your heart, and you’ll find the things you need.

Madame Clairevoyant (a.k.a. Claire Comstock-Gay) writes fiction and horoscopes and works with teenagers during the day. You can find more of her writing here.

Jen May is an artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her website is somewhat regularly updated with new work.

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