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504481189_1_whslingeriebottomcropfrontSkin Jersey Thong, $15 (was $26) OK, sorry to put underwear straight up in your face today, but I’d like to talk about something: why is it SO hard to find 100% cotton underwear anymore? And another thing: padded bras. Who needs ’em!?

54272.0.zoomSpear Pressure Earrings, $9 (were $18) Stick-like earrings are wonderful, mainly because if you lose one you can still wear the other one alone or with a hoop and you just look cool instead of frazzled and clueless.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9.25.26 PML’Oreal Feria Smokey Pink Haircolor, $8.49 (was $9.99) Not much of a sale here but this sure is a pretty color. Moving on.

goldie_pb_lJonathan Adler Goldie Hex Tote, $118.99 (was $398) Love to all things Goldie.

image3xxlAX Paris Dip Hem Dress, $51 (was $81) This seems like it would be better styled as a tunic but, either way, here are the perfect boots to complete the look:

1152101040_2_2_1Zara Leather Ankle Boots, $49 You know how sometimes you’re like “Zara, we don’t all work in banks,” and then other times you’re like, “BUT ZARA, I WORK IN A BANK!”

32503039_012_bWhish Hair Inhibiting Gel, $12.95 (was $26) Took way too long to figure out what this was. Does anyone use a product besides space lasers to keep their body hair from growing and does it work?

20160318121440Free People Black Moonlight Romper, $39.95 (was $128) Who wants to start a romper war? Team Romper over here. Peeing half naked in public restrooms is worth it. “Worth what?,” you ask? That’s for Team Romper to know and you to find out.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9.53.57 PMTompkins Petrified Wood Desk, $1,499.99 (was $1,995) You can have this but only if you promise to introduce every visitor to your petrified wood desk and then stroke it’s surface lovingly, whispering, “It’s okay; mama’s here now.”


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