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E7471_BR6209_d2 The Marin Crossbody Bag, $66 with code “DAYMAKER” (was $128) It’s festival season, y’all. Personally, I find the term offensive. Every season is festival season if you’re willing to go to whatever festival is happening. Right now in California we’ve got a Renaissance Pleasure Faire (yes, “pleasure” is in the name), Coachell-ugh, and a bunch of film festivals because no one out here has a real job. Here’s what you’re going to wear or cram into this bag for the day!

image1xxlBrave Soul Daisy Print Cotton Sun Dress, $25 (was $45) Cute. Flowy. Breathable. Correct.

1529733-p-MULTIVIEWPatagonia Better Clogs, $67.50 (were $135) You can think these are ugly; that’s fine. Festivals are all about sensible choices that confound your friends with their cuteness. “How does she do it?,” they’ll ask themselves. She does it by using her brain.

rsa8324_blackCotton Spandex Jersey Unitard, $38 This is my secret festival weapon. It rolls up into the size of a hefty pair of socks and saves your cold, cold ass after the sun goes down. Might also be a good idea to grab one of these:

60533.0.zoomMila Fringe Poncho, $17.40 (was $58) If this ends up in the garbage bin at Lollapalooza, who cares? It cost you as much as one glass of festival wine. Unless you have this on ya:

81dzvg0T37L._SL1500_Sunscreen Flask, $9.99 You should also bring real sunscreen, though.

91f+8S5hVDL._SL1500_e.l.f. Studio SPF 45 Sunscreen Powder, $12.88 Powder sun protection won’t mess up your makeup like the liquid stuff. Related: My kid hates sunscreen and thinks it’s called “scum scream.”

s1545755-main-zoomSephora Express Dry Shampoo, $7 Your hair is gonna be the first thing to go. The main complaint about this particular miniature can of dry shampoo, according to reviewers, is that it runs out pretty quickly. What do you expect!?

36103935_070_aDiamond Bindi Ring, $199 (was $518) OK, this is not really festival-related, but plenty of people get engaged at these things. For real. People propose marriage to other people at disgusting festivals and those other people say “yes.” Has this happened to you? If it has, let’s hope you at least got a piece of jewelry as lovely as this out of it.





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