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61228.0.zoomBlair Bow, $12.60 (was $18) Around here we believe jokes and lies are the best and should be enjoyed every day of the year, not just April 1st. But here’s a true statement: we’ve been looking for a bow like this all winter. See? Not as fun.

4112212063535_004_bHigh Neck Tee, $39.95 (was $68) I’m normally opposed to both regular t-shirts and expensive t-shirts, but man, this one is pretty slick. Imagine it under this guy:

E9972_ST4926Saunter Cardigan, some amount less than $44.99 with code “NOJOKE,” (was $98)

7566401620_1_1_1Acrylic Tumbler, $2.95 (was $6) April means we’re that much closer to cocktails on the porch. These come in purple and orange, too, so get a variety pack.

V455093_OF_FUnlined Demi Bra, $34.99 (was $48.50) Found the unlined bras. They’re hanging out in the clearance section :(

s1772128-main-zoomLuster Matte Long Wearing Lip Color Duo, $20 (was $30) Let’s talk about our favorite reds and pinks. My best pink is here and my best red has been dead a long, long time.

TS30C02JPLP_Zoom_M_1Lightweight Belted Truster, $90 (was $160) 1. Everyone I saw during my 24-hour trip to NYC this week was wearing one of these. 2. What the fuck is a “truster?”

meand3000823394_q5_1-0 (1)

MEANDHER Valentina Penny Loafers, $133.50 (were $445) It is so hard not to want something that used to be almost five hundred dollars but is now almost one hundred dollars, even if that is still too much money for some dang penny loafers.

503653288_1_whstabletopSonya Renee Jewelry “B” Pendant Necklace, $59 (was $119) The B can stand for anything you’d like, B.


Murder House, $2,750,000 This place has sat empty for 50 years ever since the owner killed his wife with a ball-peen hammer and then poisoned himself to death but not before attempting to off his teenage daughter. Let’s buy it!

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