ByJohn W. Thompson

John W. Thompson is a graduate student at the University of Colorado at Denver. He lives there with his houseplant and record collections.

  1. If you spend enough time in group therapy you gain a kind of second sense for whatever particular ailment landed you in it. It’s akin to being in a funhouse, each mirror image distinct but recognizable enough to provide you some reflection of yourself and illustrate the ways in which, through different eyes, you jut out from the world’s flat background in strange (and sometimes wonderful) ways. My rehabilitation from willfully oblivious, difficult autistic child…

  2. - It’s the future and they take your thumbs when you get divorced

    - Evil car culture

    - A man discovers Fargo was real

    - A man discovers where the feminists bury the bodies, is killed

    - A man who prefers rap music to Creedence is doomed

    - A knitting circle accidentally casts a spell

    - Postman gets stuck in yard with angry dog, forever

  3. A strange thing happened on October 8th. Commentary began to circulate about an interview with Chris Brown in the Guardian, propelled by the implications of an offhand reference he made to his own sexual history. Brown described his first sexual encounter at the age of eight with a teenage girl. The reaction itself, originating largely from a Flavorwire response to the interview, arrived on a Tuesday, a full four days after the interview was…

  4. A fabulist is a fabricator in the total sense of the word, a forger but also a constructor, someone who tells lies in the service of a grand project. The fabulist is always an aspirational figure, and the personal legend they create is the means by which they achieve their desired position, however briefly. It seems as though every few years, the popular imagination is stirred by the exposure of a fabulist. An ambitious charlatan…