ByKevin Sharp

Kevin Sharp lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and two sons. He tweets @el_ksharp. His novel isn't writing itself.

  1. Kevin Sharp last treated The Toast to the morning utterances of Leonard Cohen. I. "Ripley Is Found"   Home is not a short trip. Hibernate. Capable of surviving for long periods in warmth of a structure.   Areas that are dark and protected.   Ordinary.   Temperatures outside drop. Naked. Dependent.   Searching for a warmer place to live.

  2. 1. "The sun's like a razor you polish at night, just so it can cut you and make you bleed on these sheets."

    2. "You're beautiful. And all that beauty can get away from you, babe."

    3. "I don't think we have any muffins."

  3. There are some stories we wish to tell and some we are compelled to, even if we fear the telling may drive all who hear it to madness and cruel death at the fates of some beast greater than man could ever comprehend. This horrifying account belongs to the dreaded latter. It concerns a mysterious occurrence, a terrible fate, and sheer horror. It is only after much discussion and consultation with eminent professionals that I…