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  1. The walk from the subway to the Society of Illustrators isn’t long. So when I say that my apprehension grew with every step I took along Lexington Avenue, I mean that it expanded rapidly, like the chorus of a Pixies song.

    It was early autumn, and just starting to get cold in Manhattan. I wore black sweatpants, a jean jacket, a purple scarf. Soon I wouldn’t be wearing anything at all.

  2. There is a singer. Her name is Lady Gaga. Have you heard of her? She did that one song that goes "rah-rah-rh-ah-ah" and the other one that goes "pa-pa-pa-poker face." But this palaver isn't entirely about her. It's about this other singer. Perhaps you've heard of her? Christina Aguilera? She has a song about finding out who you really are deep down inside that was once in a Disney movie. I was singing that song…

  3. When I was 23, I moved to Portland, Oregon and started a job as an independent model scout for a local agency. When I first heard about the job it seemed perfect. It was glamorous, unusual, freelance, and I have to admit that I was attracted to the prospect of being able to walk up to people and not only tell them they were beautiful, but offer them an amazing opportunity to make tons of…

  4. No woman's body was found today on the beach by police around 8:50 pm after no one reported finding an unconscious woman on the beach. The body of no woman in her early 30s was pulled from a lake near Minneapolis early this morning. No one was charged after a woman's body and multiple abused animals were not found in a bug-infested van in Arizona. The family of a woman whose nude and shackled body…