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  1. It started with "Secret Places in Death Valley: The Boxcar Cabin" (sparked by the conversation we had about the Death Valley Germans in last week's link roundup) and things just went nuts from there.

  2. Murphy the red-and-white dog was very brave and rode in the back seat of the car. He did not enter the cave.

  3. LITERALLY ALL OF EUROPE CAN ENTIRELY SUCK IT: For decades, the only evidence of ancient cave art was in Spain and southern France. It led some to believe that the creative explosion that led to the art and science we know today began in Europe. But the discovery of paintings of a similar age in Indonesia shatters this view, according to Prof Chris Stringer of the Natural History Museum in London.

  4. Ah, my foes, and oh my friends: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe, and I'm back. I've seen silent stars at 10,000 feet and a stone sunset carved out of old and massive earth and I've been inside a cave that had a secret bar and dance floor in the back and I've had eggs and black coffee every morning before "we'd better get on the road if we want to make it to Bryce…

  5. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. An all-woman team of spelunking scientists has retrieved hundreds of fossils from a 100-foot-deep (30-meter-deep) cave in South Africa — including the cranium from what appears to be a prehistoric humanlike creature. Yes. Yes. Of course that is what today needed; an entirely female team of cavers to fling themselves into the steaming, black corners of the earth and retrieve the bones of our ancestors, clawing…

  6. Previously in unfortunate scientific discoveries: the double coffin.  "Passage to Hell unearthed," they say. "Scientists discover ancient Gate to Hell. This one is definitely it. Those other gates to hell were but precursors to this gate, which is definitely the ultimate and final gate, Hell-wise." A “gate to hell” has emerged from ruins in southwestern Turkey, Italian archaeologists have announced. Known as Pluto's Gate -- Ploutonion in Greek, Plutonium in Latin -- the…