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  1. WIFE OF BATH: listen pal
    first of A, I've been getting married since I was twelve
    so everyone who hasn't been getting married since I was twelve kindly pipe down and listen
    listen in a me of direction
    second of ly, I'm a little tipsy so everyone in this story is going to be called Allison because I forget their real names

  2. The late Middle Ages was a wonderful time for misandry in literature. Morgan le Fay tried to fuck shit up on many an occasion for her brother Arthur and his Round Table of dudebros; a devout laywoman named Margery Kempe went around graciously forgiving archbishops for being wrong and recorded this for future generations. We would all do well to follow their example. But novice misandrists need look no further than Geoffrey Chaucer’s

  3. I am firmly of the belief that great women have always existed and always will, and one of the clearest markers of the existence of strong women in the Middle Ages, in my opinion, is Geoffrey Chaucer's Criseyde (one of the protagonists in his epic poem "Troilus and Criseyde", most assuredly now in the public domain), the Trojan widow who broke a prince's heart and caused the fall of her city. This runs against the grain…