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  1. VAMPIRES AREN'T SOCIALISTS. I mean, you knew this, obviously, no one is unfamiliar with the aristocro-porn in vampire mythology, BECAUSE VAMPIRES ARE THE UPPER-CLASS RESPONSE TO THE FRENCH REVOLUTION PROBABLY, but still, this is subtext made text, friends! "Oh, wow, Mallory, did you just notice that vampires telegraph wealth and class privilege in literature?"

  2. "'Journey's end in lovers meeting.'" Lenox laughed. "That is not going to be true for me." "Yes--yes, it is true. You are young, younger than you yourself know. Trust the train, Mademoiselle, for it is le bon Dieu who drives it." The whistle of the engine came again. "Trust the train, Mademoiselle," murmured Poirot again. "And trust Hercule Poirot. He knows.”


    "I never guess. It is a shocking habit,—destructive to the logical…

  3. Victoria

    The governess was ugly but the master fell in love with her anyway. He wooed her with pianofortes and ancient scarabs. When those didn’t please her, he threw her out of the house. She married the gardener. She had always preferred flowers.