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  1. This is what is harder to say: I changed my mind the moment before. My body changed my mind for me; after the four glasses of wine, and the groping in the cab, and the finally, finally pounding with my heart, my body hesitated. But still, I did not say no. Or stop. Or wait. Or maybe we’d better not. He said, “You’re such a tease,” which, all things considered, seemed like a fair assessment.

  2. TIP #1: It's impossible to eat too many eggs. Ignore the smell. TIP #2: "Maybe" means Yes. "I don't deserve you" means Yes. "How did you get in my house" means "Describe how many sons and dogs we'll have, then Yes." "No" means "Imprison my father in a bedlam hospital, then we'll talk." Gaston doesn't understand consent when it comes to weddings and he sure as hell doesn't understand consent when it comes to voluntary…