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  1. Previously in this series.

    As a child, you found yourself in a near constant state of existential threat, often caused by your parents' party guests or abnormal creatures you met on bicycle rides.

    One day, when you are sitting down to tea, you are surprised to read in the paper that a once-thought-to-be-dead great aunt has caused a scandal in the capital city of a small European country you

  2. This post is brought to you by MyEvilTwin, and is spiritually dedicated to the eternal majesty of the late Edward Gorey and also how much we don't like Elf on a Shelf.

    A is for Ann skewered on a holly stake

    B is for Brighton who ate the fruitcake

    C is for Clio dismembered by cat

    D is for Dylan by dinos stomped flat

    E is for Ella by…