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(c) The New Art Gallery Walsall; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

scots1. An Uneasy Alliance With The French

2. This Music Has A Whiff Of Papal Decadence About It; Are You Quite Sure You Are A Member Of The Elect?

3. Our Dreams Died With The Boy At Culloden

4. Ellen Refuses To Enter Into A Loveless Marriage As Her Highland Spirit Must Roam Free Or Be Broken

5. Life In Glasgow Grows Ever Grimmer

6. James Fitz-James Refuses To Discuss His Drink Problem At The Family Council

7. What Would The Poet Burns Ha’ Done?

8. This Rugged, Rocky Landscape Has Shaped Our Hardscrabble Souls In A Way This Soft-Handed Londoner Could Never Hope To Understand

9. The Preacher Withholds His Approval

10. Fishing Is More Important Than Talking About Your Feelings

11. What Do You Mean It’s Broken, All The Men Of The Family Said, As They Clustered Round And Shouted Over Each Other Over How Best To Fix It, Bring Us Another Drink And We’ll Have It Working In No Time

12. Sir Walter Scott Romanticizes The Highlands In A Historically Inaccurate Yet Enduring Way

13. In Hiding With The Jacobites

14. Those Effete Edinburghers

15. Flashman Escapes Just Consequences Yet Again, Commits Fornication

16. In The Long-Running Battle Between Guilt And Desire, Guilt Wins Out

17. Painting Your Shutters Is For Papists And Sexual Deviants; Whitewash Is Good Enough For The Likes Of Us

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