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  1. I tried to fishtail braid my hair the other day and oh boy, what is this nonsense??

  2. So you got a super-short haircut! Good for you. You look awesome like that, and your eyes totally pop. But maybe you’ve decided it’s not quite the right look for you after all. Maybe you’re finding yourself inconvenienced by all the queer women, enamored with your bold and patriarchy-defying look, who follow you everywhere. (“Really, ladies, I’m just trying to order a latte,” you plead, but TO NO AVAIL.) Or maybe you’ve just had your hair…

  3. 1. 1994, Record store in suburban mall, Southeastern Pennsylvania Green barn jacket, jeans, t-shirt, and a limp little bra, more of a band-aid than anything architectural. Sneakers. I’m looking for Toad the Wet Sprocket’s album Dulcinea. On cassette tape. “Can I help you, sir?”  The sales guy has long frizzy hair, the kind that acts of its own accord, independent of gravity or conditioner. “Miss.” “Sorry?” “MISS. I am a GIRL.” He blinks. Mild perturbation flits…

  4. The Haircut

    Stephen Kearse's previous work for The Toast can be found here. I sat quietly as my shorn hair fell, sprinkling my bare shoulders. I’d received haircuts in barbershops, shopping malls, salons, basements, garages and college dorms, but this was the first time I’d had my hair cut in a bedroom. I was thankful there were no mirrors in sight that would allow…

  5. Jen Melchert last wrote for The Toast about perfidy.

    Things you will need:

    * Electric clippers, full-size or of the "personal area" variety

    * Mirrors, lots of them

    * A lot of time. More than that. Like, eleven times as long as that.

    * Absolute solitude

    * 2-8 cups of tea, depending on how many times you repeat step 4

    So you've seen pictures of Natalie Dormer

  6. Charlotte Shane last shared her Liberal Dude Erotica with The Toast.

    My hair has always been terrible, by which I mean curly. As a child, post-bathing, I’d howl while my mother angrily pulled a comb through my tangles, putting up such a piteous fuss that she had our hairdresser neighbor ambush me with a Shirley Temple haircut when I was 8. (I cried about that, too. Copiously, alone in an alcove outside the…

  7. You might as well get one, as there are very few other options. Seven years ago, after losing a job in a spectacularly messy way, I walked into a salon and asked for a punk, French, pixie haircut, dyed both black and the most shocking pink possible. When the stylist was finished, I looked in the mirror and recognized myself for the first time.  It was, singularly, the best thing I ever did for…

  8. While performing at the Grammys in January, Taylor Swift’s hair did something: it flipped – or, more accurately, it was expressively tossed by the anguished throes of her head and neck. Swift did a bit of heartbreak induced head-banging, her backlit golden hair looked haloesque, and it moved fans to wallow in a briny pool of their own tears. Swift’s hairography is something worth talking about. From the blonde ringlets of her early country music…

  9. There’s no one hooting from the rooftops about how having thin hair is awesome. Fact established. Thin, or thinning, hair on women can be an especially sensitive subject, and rightfully so, given that often one of the roots of femininity is linked to a woman’s hair. There are women who eschew these hair norms in one way or another; however, if you have thin hair, you may feel you have a more limited approach to…

  10. As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a complicated relationship with self-confidence. When I was very young, people in church lobbies and in long grocery store lines would often smile and jokingly ask whether I was wearing eye makeup, and compliment my thick eyelashes and eyebrows. I said thank you because that was what I had been told to say, but I didn’t care much one way or the other. The most important…

  11. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is a haunted town. It makes sense:  The town has 350 years of triumphs and tragedies in its past. Besides the infamous battle that ravaged the town and surrounding farmland and included one civilian death, Gettysburg was home to a stop on the Underground Railroad and an orphanage run by a woman with a penchant for torturing her charges. Northwest of the town center is my alma mater, Gettysburg College,…